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November 9, 2022

The Most Wasted Resource On Earth

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There are a lot of problems in this world and a lot of amazing people committing their lives to solving them. But there’s one thing that, if we managed to fix it, would solve just about everything else. That’s why I’m going to amplify a powerful statement shared by an incredible social impact leader named Adam Braun - “The single most wasted resource on Earth is human intention.”

Everyone has great ideas about how to create a better future for themselves and others, and many of those people have a desire to do something about it. But few ever follow through. It’s putting your head down at night inspired to make tomorrow different, only to fall back into old patterns. It’s making a well-intended commitment to someone about something and then failing to deliver on it. It happens every day and takes the form of unfulfilled promises to ourselves. Imagine if we all did what we say we’re going to do? The world would be a much, much better place.

That’s because the things we say we’re going to do, our intentions, are good. Our intentions are an expression of the best version of ourselves and compatible with the way we want to see the world. Tying this back into social impact, many people feel inspired to cure cancer, eradicate poverty, fight racism, or eliminate animal cruelty. They have intention. They want to… They may have plans to… But there’s little follow through. The world’s biggest problems would get solved a lot faster if more people started taking action on finding solutions rather than just feeling like it. Imagine the value we could create for the world if intention were materialized into action.

So that’s the key. How do we convert latent potential (which sits in the form of intention) into real tangible results? This just might be my mission in the world, helping people start living the life they dream of, and making a difference in a way that only they can.

But this isn’t about me, to really integrate this thought reflect on this question - What causes you to not follow through on your intentions?

I didn't plan on doing this... But, if you’re feeling inspired to live out your intentions, click here to check out something new I'm working on.

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