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November 28, 2023

The Improvement Paradox

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I’ve noticed something interesting about human nature, that I certainly relate with, and I wanted to share it with you! In general, we enjoy things more when we’re good at them. And it makes sense, being able to confirm that we’re proficient at something gives us confidence and makes us feel good about ourselves.

But here comes the paradox - In order to get good at something, you need to start by being bad at it and then do it enough times until you get good at it. That’s not to say trying new things and being a beginner isn’t fun and stimulating in itself, I just started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and very much have embraced being a beginner. But in order for us to reach a higher level of something we need to put in the work required to develop the skill, that we later use to bring us joy.

This becomes very obvious when we apply it to finances. Do you know the primary behavior that separates the wealthiest people from the rest? They know their numbers! They study their personal finances, know about every dollar coming in and going out, and pay attention to the way that money flows in their life. What about someone who isn’t wealthy? They’re more likely to avoid their finances and don’t want to look at it because they don’t like what they see. But looking at their finances is the very thing that will most help them solve their money problems.

The real problem to solve is simple: How can we consistently get ourselves to do the things we don’t want to do? So that when we feel resistance, or we’re low on motivation, or we’re trying to convince ourselves not to do it out of fear, we do it anyway?

The answer is to develop your “best-self reflex”. Just like our bodies unconsciously, reflexively respond to various things, we can cultivate a mindset that defaults to taking action even when we don’t feel like it.  It makes being self-disciplined the default state.

I use a step-by-step process to create unbelievable levels of self-discipline, no matter how inconsistent or unmotivated I feel, and this same process helps me accountable to doing the foundational super habits that make it easier than ever to be the healthiest, most productive version of myself. Preparation for 2024 starts now and if you want to make it the beginning of the best chapter of your life, click here to install the Super Habits System for yourself in just 21 days.

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