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June 14, 2022

Spending And Investing

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I wanted to highlight one way you can shift your vocabulary to support your dreams, desires, and pursuit of your best self. When we transact in society we’ve been taught to spend. Spending money to watch a show, buy some groceries, or get someone a present. We spend time with other people, learning new things, commuting, etc. But by choosing to spend so much on the things you do, you’re choosing to relate with it in a certain way. The implication here is that when you spend you trade the resource for something else. It’s transactional, and more importantly, it’s limiting.

I’d encourage you to start investing not spending. Invest your time with other people. Invest in learning new things, invest in tickets for a show, invest in groceries. Invest, invest, invest.

It seems unnatural to think of these things as investments because you don’t see an extended return on value. The expectation is that investing creates compound interest, where $1 turns into $2 in 7 years. But that’s too narrow of a lens to appropriately see value. There’s a lot more to your choices that have future considerations that are more difficult to quantify.

For example: Investing in groceries. Yes, there’s a fixed amount of food that you get for a certain amount of dollars. But when you think of the way that food fuels you and enables you to do more things, it becomes an investment because it facilitates future value. Or investing time with friends. Yes, there is a very obvious amount of time that you spend together, but it’s the insights you gain, the depth you cultivate in that relationship, and the way it serves you moving forward that is better viewed as an investment.

How about I put it this way. Are all hours spent at home equal? Of course not, one hour spent scrolling on social media is different than spending an hour reading. That’s where it becomes an investment. Your intentional choice about how you invest that time creates different amounts of value for you.

What I’m really trying to say is, everything you choose to do is an investment in your future - Your health, your happiness, your relationships, your emotions, and your finances. When you spend you’re accepting a loss of something you can’t get back. When you invest you’re opening the door to receiving gains. To wrap this up let me ask you this, what do you want to invest more time into?

If you’re feeling inspired to invest more time in your development, I wanted to invite you to a workshop I’m hosting on Saturday. If you have a really big vision for your life, and you know you’re destined for more but you feel like you’ve been stuck living a life that’s "good enough" for so long that you’re losing sight of what you’re truly capable of... Then this session will help you discover what you’ve been missing so that you can start making the absolute most out of life! If any part of that feels like you, don’t ignore your best self calling you and take massive steps forward today!

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