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June 6, 2021

SISD #53 - Essential and Effortless with Greg McKeown

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Topics Covered:

  • Understanding Essentialism - Breaking down the disciplined pursuit of less against the undisciplined pursuit of more, and creating extreme criteria to help with your own discernment
  • Return On Effort - How you can maximize the output generated from a the same input, leveraging residual results and effortless actions.
  • Defining the Outcome - Often we get caught up in meeting standards that aren’t required. By determining what “done” is you can meet an appropriate standard without over-exerting yourself

Highlight Quotes:

  • “If you don’t prioritize your life someone else will.”
  • “Effort is so important, but it’s finite.”
  • “What we’re trying to construct for our lives are asymmetric bets. There’s not much downside to taking action but there’s a potential upside.”

About Greg:

Greg is the author of one of the most timeless books of recent history, selling more than a million copies of his book “Essentialism”. He is a contrarian thinker that writes for publications like The New York Times, Fast Company and Fortune, and speaks on NPR, NBC and FOX to challenge conventional wisdom and champion social innovation. Greg recently released a new book called "Effortless" that complements "Essentialism" and teaches us how to be as effective with our energy as possible.


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