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February 7, 2021

SISD #45 - Optimize with Brian Johnson

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Topics Covered

  • Being A Hero - A hero isn’t some perfect figure, a hero is someone who perseveres through difficult circumstances
  • Anti-Fragile Mindset - The opposite of fragile is not resilient, it is anti-fragile, meaning that you are fueled and strengthened by the challenges you face
  • Zest - The best predictor of your well-being is an enthusiasm and energy in your life
  • Making Sacrifices - It’s all in how you perceive it. It’s more a choice that is in alignment with your masterplan, rather than a short-term compromise

Highlight Quotes

  • “What we do does matter. So then, the roles we play in our lives we want to do as good as we can.”
  • “If you approach life right, all obstacles are fun.”
  • “The way to develop intense trust in yourself is the same way you develop trust in any relationship, which is through being trustworthy.”
  • “The worse you feel, the more committed you need to be to your protocol.”
  • “You can’t get your psychology right if your physiology is off.”

About Brian

Brian Johnson has spent half of his life building business and half of his life as a modern day philosopher, intricately weaving the learnings of ancient wisdom with modern science. He has a holistic approach to taking care of the mind, body, and spirit so that you can continue pursuing your ultimate potential and become the hero you’re destined to be. Brian is the founder of Optimize, a top personal development mobile app and resource, as well as an elite coach.


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