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September 27, 2020

SISD #35 - Holistic Health with Dr. Ellen Vora

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Topics Covered:

  • The State of Medicine - Traditional medicine is very formulaic and prescription based. A more appropriate approach involves a multifactorial discipline that takes into account all relevant considerations
  • Trusting Your Intuition - Your body has a collective wisdom that knows what is uniquely best for yourself. It’s difficult to objectively measure but having faith and a sense of feeling goes a long way in providing for yourself
  • Evolutionary Biology - How our evolutionarily optimized “hardware” doesn’t integrate seamlessly with our modern “software”
  • Managing Anxiety, Stress and Depression - These mental states are a symptom of physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances. Overcoming these conditions requires addressing the root cause not masking the symptoms
  • Sleep - How we can limit light exposure, jumpstart our circadian rhythm, and determine the right amount of sleep for ourselves

Highlight Quotes:

  • “You just stay open and you listen, you never sign up for being in just one tribe or one camp or one school of thoughts.”
  • “You just check in. It does require that we slow down and get a little silent and trust our feelings. We’re really taught not to do any of those things.”
  • “If we want to feel well, we need to give our genes what they’re expecting, what they’re designed to be optimized with.”
  • “Anxiety is a signal in the body that says ‘something is not right, take action’.”
  • “There’s a learning curve to listen to the language of the body.”

About Dr. Ellen:

Dr. Ellen Vora is a board certified psychiatrist, a medical acupuncturist, and a yoga instructor who takes a refreshing approach to medicine. She believes in looking holistically at her patients to understand how different issues might arise as a result of their physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Dr. Vora is also a sought after speaker on the topics of depression, anxiety, and insomnia among other things, featured in various publications and textbooks, and operates a private practice in New York City.


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