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December 28, 2019

SISD #17 - The Mindset of a High Performer with Brian Mazza

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Topics Covered:

  • High Performance Mindset: What we do on a daily basis prepares us for whatever life can throw at us.
  • High Level Environment: Nutrition, Habits, Inner Circle. Everything combines to create who we are, and what we find ourselves doing.
  • Morning Routine: Start the day off with some stability, through a routine, that sets us up for success.
  • “Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes”: If things aren’t working as planned, try a small change and see what happens. Small things add up.

Highlight Quotes:

  • “My workouts are so strenuous and difficult that anything else that comes my way is a joke.”
  • “You have to adjust. You always have to adjust. If you want to plateau, that’s up to you.”
  • “The small wins, the small little positive things that happen in your life, will lead to big results.”
  • “You can lie to everybody all day long, but you cannot lie when you step out of the shower, and see yourself in the mirror.”

About Brian:

Brian Mazza is a very diversified entrepreneur and influencer. He began hustling in the hospitality business, co-founded The Ainsworth which is a series of sports-bar themed restaurants spreading across the country, created the fashion brand Windsor Custom, and now focuses on his work as the founder of High Performance Lifestyle training (HPLT), where he offers online trainings, has a facility in New York, and puts on intensive and life-changing fitness retreats. At these events he has brought in legends like David Goggins and CrossFit Champion Mat Fraser, and his influence in the fitness industry has landed him magazine covers with Mens’ Health, and features in the New York Times and BodyBuilding.com. Brian believes that everyone is born a high performer, and he wants to pull that out of people to create more efficient and high-octane lives.

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