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November 22, 2022

Is Alex Rodriguez A Failure?

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One of the most well-known, prolific baseball players in the history of the game is Alex Rodriguez. His career includes 696 home runs, 3 MVPs, and he’s a 14 time all-star. For those who don’t know much about baseball, these statistics suggest that "A-Rod" is one of the most dominant players to have ever played the game.

In an interview with Ed Mylett A-Rod brought attention to the opposite side of the spectrum, which is equally true and worth considering. Alongside all of the positive accolades, he also has the 5th most strikeouts of all time. That’s pretty surprising to be associated with someone who is considered one of the best of all-time.

More than anything, A-Rod’s career represents the power of resilience. In a sport where you get a hit one-third of the time if you’re really good, you need to move past the failures quickly to be present for the next opportunity. With all of the strikeouts and all the failed attempts, A-Rod attracted a lot of criticism. But he was a master of his craft, always keeping an optimistic mindset about the next opportunity. Had he chosen to feel bad for himself, he wouldn’t have been motivated to keep improving and certainly wouldn’t have accomplished what he did in the sport.

What does this mean for you? It means that if you want to achieve remarkable things, you can’t be afraid to expose yourself to failure. In fact it suggests that for every success there is a string of corresponding failure that came before it. In the face of the critics and the doubters and the naysayers, you need to stay focused on your own mission and believe in the process that will achieve it.

No one is immune to this reality and hopefully in seeing it firsthand today, you feel more empowered through your struggles knowing that they’re necessary stepping stones to your ultimate destination.

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