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October 17, 2023

How's Your Spirit

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You know how so often throughout the day we ask each other “How are you?” There’s a question in it but no one really answers it, it has become a way to politely greet someone and initiate conversation. 

But imagine if we started taking that request seriously. That any time someone asked us how we were doing we took a genuine moment to reflect and respond honestly. We would cultivate so much more awareness of our own personal state and learn about others'.

With that intention in mind, I’ve been experimenting with an alternative question, “How’s your spirit?” I’ve noticed that it breaks the pattern and prompts a much more thoughtful response. It goes one layer beyond the perception of how we’re feeling in the moment and to the core of how we’re feeling overall in our life. It transcends emotions and taps into their being. 

I must caveat, I’m not asking this question to my Uber driver (or maybe I would!) But I’m definitely more intentional about using this question when beginning conversation with people I’m closer to and care about because it opens the door to connect on a deeper level. 

And because I care I want to ask you - How’s your spirit? Not how you’re feeling right now, and not even how you’ve been feeling overall… How’s your spirit? Is it full and inspired? Is it broken and low on hope? Is it tired of persevering and reaching a breaking point? Or is it unwavering and strong?

Seriously, pause for a moment right now to ask. How’s your spirit?

This really matters because it’s the energy that coats everything about you and may provide insight into your life and well-being. And once you’ve done your own self-reflection, ask a friend or family member how their spirit is and inspire the same reflection within them.


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