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December 26, 2022

Discipline, Habits, Optimization

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I recently heard a perspective that made me realize why so many people struggle with staying consistent with new positive habits. It was shared by Rob Dyrdek, a man who has mastered business and life, and has consistently found unimaginable success in so many different areas.

The bottom line is, everyone wants to have better habits and routines. It means you're healthier, more productive, more active, more present, and more immersed in the experiences of life. But people neglect something very important - You can’t expect for things to be exactly how you want them right from the beginning. You need to earn the results over time and grow into the fullest version of what you’re hoping to achieve.

Many people aren’t aware of this. They put in the effort to establish a habit and then complain that it’s not producing for them like they expected it to. So they deviate away from the fundamentals and lose momentum. That is until they feel inspired again and start over, creating a disjointed process of fits and starts where they never settle into anything lasting and sustainable.

Habits are not the end all be all to getting the results you want in life. It’s actually just the beginning to what you’re looking for. Highly fine-tuned habits that have been calibrated to create very specific and intentional results, that’s what you really want. But many people aren’t patient enough to let their habits mature and improve.

Dyrdek says that there’s 3 steps to really honing in on the life that you want - Discipline, Habits, Optimization.

You first must develop the self-discipline to follow through on completing things consistently. Without discipline you will be fighting against yourself. Then, you apply that discipline to engage in habits, which are pre-determined, routine ways of doing things. Then at that point, you get feedback about your performance within that habit and you optimize various elements of it so that it starts working for you. Life is dynamic and constantly changing so you must always be adjusting your expectations, processes, and environments to obtain the results that you want to achieve.

This is personal development. This is the practice of being a high-performer and becoming capable of achieving elite results in your life. If you feel in your heart that you’re destined for greatness and want to make waves in the world, then you need to make sure you have the fundamentals down from the very beginning. In the Best Self Breakthrough Challenge I will give you everything you need to build the habit of self-discipline and exponentiate results in your life. I’ll also teach you how to use the exact same self improvement system I use to make real progress in my health, relationships, work and productivity, and anything and everything else!

Fulfilling your potential is a longer game than you may realize, but this 21 day challenge will get you in the game and give you a running start! The challenge starts on January 2nd. Register now!

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