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September 8, 2022

"Bring the joy."

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This weekend I heard Brendan Burchard say something that I absolutely loved. When he has people over or hosts in any capacity, and people ask what they can bring, he tells them “Bring the joy” and it’s brilliant.

Think about the desired outcome of the party. As a host your objective is to make sure your guests have a good time. There is nothing that will guarantee a good experience more than the positive energy of the people there. So instead of dismissing people who want to contribute to the party, and telling them that everything is already taken care of, Brendan gives people a really impactful way to contribute to the party. In communicating this he establishes the culture for the party, helps people set an intention for their role in it, and truly lifts the overall value of the party in the simplest of ways.

As we know, positivity spreads. Your energy influences others and creates a ripple that then goes on and extends beyond your comprehension. If you want to live in a more joyful world, you just need to bring the joy yourself. It’s finding reasons to be enthusiastic within the mundane. It’s having a good attitude even when the circumstances don’t warrant it. It’s letting your guard down for a bit and expressing yourself in ways you normally wouldn’t. Being joyful is being present to the moment and choosing to inject positive emotions into your own personal experience.

You’re at your best when you can be yourself, and there’s nothing more honest than a joyful moment. Oftentimes we hide from the world to protect ourselves from judgment and criticism. We recoil into what’s comfortable because it doesn’t direct any negative attention our way. But I’m sure that’s not how you’d choose to live. You’d rather be the quirky, goofy, authentic you that you were made to be! And the only way to do that is to bring the joy more often and let it take over!

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