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March 25, 2024

Awareness, Action, Accountability

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The primary theory of transformation I use is a 3 part process that elevates in commitment over time. I learned this framework from my mentor Jim Bunch and have found countless ways to integrate it into my own self-growth, and those who I coach.

The 3 part process is - Awareness, action, and accountability. Let’s talk about each.

Awareness is a requirement for change because you can’t choose to change something you’re unaware of. But beyond it just being required, it is also an extremely effective life-catalyst. The far majority of the bad habits we want to change, the patterns we want to break, and the weaknesses we want to improve upon exist in an unconscious comfort zone. This means that they happen without us even realizing it.

However, this also means that when we become aware of it, we actively and easily choose otherwise. So simply becoming aware creates many quick wins.

This explains something called “The Hawthorne Effect” where performance improves just because it’s being observed. It's why “behavior tracking” is the #1 most recommended way to initiate change - Because it stimulates awareness.

The step beyond being aware of what’s happening is being intentional about what you want to happen. That’s why having a clearly defined action comes next. When you have a clearly defined action it helps you follow through on your good intentions because you know exactly how you’re meant to do. In the sea of options, having a predetermined action helps you arrive at your specific strategy for reaching a goal.

And last, the ultimate catalyst for change is accountability. With awareness and a clearly defined action, now we can layer on expectations. Knowing what to do is not enough... Getting support to actually do it is critical.

When we introduce accountability it suggests that a commitment has been made, and with a commitment your internal decision making no longer is about ‘if’ you’ll take the action but ‘how’. Whether it comes from a friend, a coach, or yourself, accountability is the driving force of change because it forces you do things that are uncomfortable or different, but in your best interest.

Now a quick example - Let’s say you want to improve your diet.

Step 1 is to create awareness. Keep a daily food log, reflect every night on how healthy 1-5 your diet was today, and seek to understand the factors that contribute to your daily food choices. 

Step 2 is action. Pick what diet you want to try, have clarity on how many calories you want to aim for or how many cups of vegetables. Get clear on your strategy for limiting sweets and snacking throughout the day. Action points your awareness in a specific direction.

And Step 3 is accountability. Make a commitment to fulfill that action, outline the expectations, and engage someone else to follow your progress. Knowing that someone else is invested in your success will help you to consistently make better choices.

If you want to change your life, eliminate bad habits, and leverage this catalyzing framework to create the transformation that you’ve been missing out on… It’s all built into the 9 Super Habits. That’s part of what makes them so incredibly effective! Click here to learn about the 9 Super Habits and how to implement them into your life through a simple 15 minute process.

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